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How secure is
your well data?

Secure data access. Tested in the field. Trusted by many.

Well Optix gives you complete control over your oil and gas production. It instantly alerts you to changes in well conditions, allowing you to maintain maximum production. Well Optix collects extensive production data on every well allowing you to make intelligent production decisions which results in a more profitable field. It also enables more proactive field management, allowing you to focus your resources where they are needed most.

Well Optix is a SCADA package that monitors your oil and gas wells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s what Well Optix does, of course, but what it means to your business is more important. Finally, Well Optix is powerful, yet simple, giving you a clear vision of your overall production from any Internet-connected device.


Welcome to the Well Optix Education Center! Check back regularly and join the conversation highlighting remote well monitoring.

More Data. More Control. More Profits.

Better Production Data

Well Optix gives you full access to well conditions and production information from any Internet- connected device.

Proactive Field Management

You have the power to proactively manage entire fields from a single viewpoint.

Powerful, Yet Simple

Well Optix is the most flexible, user-friendly, yet powerful SCADA solution on the

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