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More production
Data = Profits

Well Optix gives you full access to field conditions and production information from any Internet-connected device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can monitor one well or entire fields, customizing the field data you chose to monitor. When conditions in your equipment change, Well Optix will send you alerts allowing you to make production decisions faster, reducing downtime and maintaining optimal productions.



We are always here to help

Our on-staff field engineers are available to help you with any technology issues. They are well versed in all oil field applications.

Trending Data;
Clearly see problems or progress in production

One unique feature of Well Optix is the amount of production data it can trend for one field device or across an entire field. It will trend historical data from current time going back to the moment the well was connected to Well Optix. More detailed data lets you compare production variables in one well or across entire fields to optimize production across your entire business.

When field conditions change, be the first to know

Production conditions are constantly changing, of course. Well Optix allows you to set alerts based on your data. When conditions are out of range, Well Optix will trigger an alarm and send you an email or text message via your SCADA system allowing you to make fast, intelligent decisions to maintain production. Alarms are date and time stamped, giving you a record of all alarms and acknowledgments.

The Well Optix polling feature lets you know instatly how up-to-date your data is and how much time has elapsed since you last polled.

Alerts come to you in a variety of ways

  • Text message on your mobile device
  • Message on your computer
  • Email

Understand the effect changes to settings have on production

Through Well Optix, you can add notes to mark significant events or to note changes in well equipment, control settings and more. Your notes are stored chronologically, so you can easily understand the effects that control changes have on production. Your notes show up in trend cycles so you can see what has happened since you last made a change.

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